Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is made with high-quality natural cork fibres, processed with all that modern technology has to offer, but retaining the original advantages of its natural cork material. It is water resistant, insect resistant, fire resistant, bright, clean, and has a beautiful appearance. For centuries cork flooring materials have been known as excellent building materials for both its practicality and its striking beauty. Cork flooring material is the best choice for modern buildings and all decorative uses, especially in hi-traffic areas.

A building decorated or built with cork flooring will greatly add to the beauty, comfort and ecological aspects of a building. You may rest assured that cork flooring Products are a great choice for your special applications.

The cord ‘bark’ is collected and transported to a curing yard. After several months of curing, the cork is then boiled, graded and sorted to determine the best use.

Veneer blocks are then formed, sliced and applied to HDF panels. Then these panels are milled, stained and finished, turning them into beautiful Cork floors!