We provide full-service kitchen and bathroom construction and remodeling services for residential clients in the DMV area. At Select Flooring, Kitchen and Bath, we understand that a beautiful kitchen can gather families and enhance the overall feel of your home. That is why we strive to meet and exceed the goals of our clients!

Our mission is to give you superior service with first quality materials and excellent craftsmanship… at the best price. Experience customer service the way it should be. We do it all for you!

Our promise is to take your vision and make it reality, from inception to your first dinner party (set a place for us).


Kitchen Remodeling

Looking to freshen up your home, or maybe the whole thing? Select Flooring, Kitchen & Bath remodeling has you covered – and then some! Featuring a wide selection of premium flooring, countertops, and kitchenware, Select Flooring is here to assist with your home remodel as much, or as little, as you prefer.

Starting any home renovations project can be a challenge. Whether this is due to budgetary concerns, permit requirements or a low ROI, Select Flooring can answer all of your questions. With our extensive in-house evaluation, you can see just how many options you have at your disposal – we have it all!

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Bathroom Remodeling

The #1 most accident prone location in 95% of homes on the planet is… the bathroom. Whether you have just a few people at home or ten, most bathrooms see extensive traffic and can be worn down easily. When it’s time to refresh your bathroom, Select Flooring, Kitchen & Bath has just what you need and more.

With our extensive catalog we’re able to show you not only more options for creating your perfect space, but the highest quality products available on the market. From professional-grade flooring to luxurious countertops, we can work with any situation you give us – we’re here to help!

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Hardwood Staircase

Hardwood Staircase

Often overlooked, your home’s staircase can be remodeled with hardwood to match your floors to give your home or entryway a major facelift. Your staircase is likely something you use every day without even realizing it is a part of your flooring. Putting in wood stairs with your flooring doesn’t have to be a scary experience. Let Select Flooring, Kitchen & Bath walk you through the process to leave a lasting impression and raise the value of your home.

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We would love to come out to your home and give you a complimentary design layout and estimate. We are devoted to customer satisfaction and will work with you to make your Kitchen and/or Bathroom Georgeous. No hidden fees and guaranteed satisfaction is our motto.
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